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the Private launch!

the Private launch!

Published At: 2021/04/19

Hello everyone, and welcome

What is it?

a simple box to provide some tools to give you better control and engagements with your audience

It's only doing a simple thing: browsing throws the comments and favorites the ones you like.

For example, you can add the comments to the favorite list or create another one for the comments that have some ideas to get back to them, or if you are doing a Q&A, this is very easy to save the valuable comments to remember to answer them.

There are not many features, but I will add them gradually in the coming weeks, and the official lunch will be hopefully next month (May).

I just wanted to publish the first version today as a gift to me on my birthday 😅. This is how a nerdy developer celebrates 😂

I hope you are enjoying using it, and any feedback is most welcome!